AIStorm Raises $13.2M to Bring Real-Time AI-in-Sensor Technology to the Edge at a Fraction of the Cost

Team of experienced semiconductor executives, backed by leading
sensor and equipment manufacturers, aims to equip the next generation of
handsets, IoT devices, wearables, and vehicles with a new approach to AI
processing at the edge; compared with edge GPU solutions, AIStorm’s
technology boosts performance while lowering power requirements and
system cost

an innovator of high-performance AI-in-sensor processors, has closed
$13.2 million in Series A financing from Egis Technology Inc., a major
biometrics supplier to handsets, gaming, and advanced driver-assistance
systems (ADAS); TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader that
specializes in image sensors for commercial, industrial, AR, and medical
markets; Meyer Corporation, a world leader in food preparation
equipment; and Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc., a leader in
biometric authentication and digital health products.

This investment will help us accelerate our engineering & go-to-market
efforts to bring a new type of machine learning to the edge. AIStorm’s
revolutionary approach allows implementation of edge solutions in
lower-cost analog technologies. The result is a cost savings of five to
ten times compared to GPUs — without any compromise in performance,”
said David Schie, CEO of AIStorm.

Using sensor data directly—without digitization—enables real-time
processing at the edge

The semiconductor industry is striving to process sensor information at
the edge to reduce the cost and security risk associated with
transmitting large amounts of raw data from edge sensors. AI systems
require information be available in digital form before they can process
data, but sensor data is analog. Processing this digital information
requires advanced and costly GPUs that are not suitable for mobile
devices: they require continuous digitization of input data, which
consumes significant power and introduces unavoidable digitization delay
(latency). AIStorm aims to solve these problems by processing sensor
data directly in its native analog form, in real time.

The reaction time saved by AIStorm’s approach can mean the difference
between an advanced driver-assistance system detecting an object and
safely stopping versus a lethal collision,” said Russell Ellwanger, CEO
of TowerJazz.

Edge applications must process huge amounts of data generated by
sensors. Digitizing that data takes time, which means that these
applications don’t have time to intelligently select data from the
sensor data stream, and instead have to collect volumes of data and
process it later. For the first time, AIStorm’s approach allows us to
intelligently prune data from the sensor stream in real time and keep up
with the massive sensor input tasks,” said Todd Lin, COO of Egis
Technology Inc.

It makes sense to combine the AI processing with the imager and skip
the costly digitization process. For our customers, this will open up
new possibilities in smart, event-driven operation and high-speed
processing at the edge,” said Dr. Avi Strum, SVP/GM of the sensors
business unit of TowerJazz.

AIStorm’s management includes CEO David Schie, a former senior executive
at Maxim, Micrel and Semtech; CFO Robert Barker, formerly with Micrel
and WSI; Andreas Sibrai, formerly with Maxim and Toshiba; and Cesar
Matias, founder of ARM’s Budapest design center.

About AIStorm

AIStorm is the pioneer and leader in AI-in-Sensor processing, which
eliminates the latency, power and cost associated with digital GPU-based
implementations at the edge. AIStorm is headquartered in Silicon Valley,
with offices in Phoenix & Graz, Austria. The team includes industry
veterans responsible for development of thousands of products, as well
as for P&L and significant revenue growth at leading semiconductor
companies. For more information, visit


Tim Cox, ZingPR for AIStorm

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