AM BestTV: Directors and Officers Buffeted by Litigation, #MeToo Movement, Complex Risks, Say AM Best Analysts

OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In this episode of AM BestTV, Sridhar Manyem, director, and
David Blades, associate director, both in industry research with AM
, said many insurers that offer directors and officers (D&O)
coverage have been affected by unfavorable claims trends and inadequate
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Blades addressed how loss trends in the D&O business are evolving.

“The proliferation of different legal actions against corporate officers
created a very challenging marketplace for the providers of D&O
insurance,” said Blades. “Over the last few years what we have seen are
direct loss costs and direct loss ratios increasing, as well as expenses
for defense and cost containment. This has created a very challenging
marketplace in terms of profitability for the writers of D&O insurance.”

He also said that, “The increasing propensity in general to litigate
against corporate boards and the growing amount of funds flowing into
shareholder activism, has also created an atmosphere of greater
complexity. It has made it tougher for insurers in regards to providing
D&O insurance.”

Manyem spoke about the risks connected with providing D&O insurance.

“In general, the risks related to D&Os are very complex. There are
different types of covers. There are the risks that the insurers
generally want to gravitate to, like the Side A covers that cover the
D&Os, versus the slightly more risky Side B and Side C covers that
require deep knowledge of the D&O market space. The terms and conditions
of the D&O marketplace are really, really key in terms of determining
what kind of claims can occur.”

To access a copy of this market segment report, titled, “Emerging Risks
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