NewYork-Presbyterian and Splunk to Implement New Approach to Guard Against Misuse of Controlled Substances, Including Opioids Misuse

Splunk Helps One of the Nation’s Leading Hospital Systems Fight
Prescription Fraud

(NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world
of data, and NewYork-Presbyterian, one of the nation’s most
comprehensive academic healthcare delivery systems, are collaborating to
help solve one of the toughest challenges in healthcare.
NewYork-Presbyterian and Splunk are working together to develop new data
analytics tools that prevent the potential diversion of controlled
substances, including opioids.

“At a time when overdose deaths are at crisis levels across the country
and in New York City, largely due to the opioid epidemic, healthcare
providers have a responsibility to safeguard against any potential
diversion of drugs,” said Jennings Aske, senior vice president and chief
information security officer at NewYork-Presbyterian.
“NewYork-Presbyterian is taking a leading role in protecting the public
by implementing highly effective controls to avoid the illegitimate use
of controlled substances. Ultimately, we hope that other hospitals
benefit from this new platform as well.”

NewYork-Presbyterian approached Splunk to develop the controlled
substance monitoring platform, while also enhancing patient privacy,
because of its products’ unique ability to synthesize big data analytics
with a massive volume and a variety of data from hundreds of clinical
applications, systems and data sources. NewYork-Presbyterian, which
currently uses Splunk®
and Splunk
Enterprise Security
to monitor IT security operations, recognized
that the same principles could be used to build a platform to more
closely safeguard controlled substances and other medications, and
ultimately benefit the greater healthcare community as a public good.

The enhanced Splunk controlled substance monitoring platform, which will
be implemented in Q2 of 2019, will enable NewYork-Presbyterian to track
data from electronic health records (EHRs), Electronic Prescription of
Controlled Substances (EPCS) platforms, pharmacy dispensing systems and
other sources, delivering insights to guard against the diversion of
these medications. With the enhanced system, NewYork-Presbyterian will
be able to see if drugs are being diverted for potentially illegitimate
purposes. For example, the Splunk platform will immediately alert
NewYork-Presbyterian if a physician were to prescribe a controlled
substance to a patient not currently in the care of the hospital, or if
a pharmacy technician were to use an automated dispensary cabinet more
often than his or her peers. In addition, the platform will be used to
safeguard against the diversion of other high-cost medications, such as
certain anti-cancer drugs that can be priced at tens of thousands of
dollars per month.

NewYork-Presbyterian and Splunk also are developing an enhanced data
analytics tool to expand proactive security measures to protect patient
privacy and investigate unauthorized access to electronic patient
records from internal and external sources. NewYork-Presbyterian
currently has an established and robust set of policies, protocols and
system controls to protect patient information. The enhanced Splunk
privacy platform will add even more safeguards, including the ability to
issue alerts in real time if someone were to inappropriately view
patient records. The platform has a user-friendly dashboard so the
hospital’s privacy officers can easily and quickly conduct an

“Splunk is excited to work with NewYork-Presbyterian as it leads the way
in helping to fight the opioid crisis with data analytics,” said Haiyan
Song, senior vice president and general manager of security markets at
Splunk. “In addition, we are thrilled to work with the hospital system
to help it identify and respond swiftly to potential misuse of patient
data. Ultimately, this will enhance NewYork-Presbyterian’s capabilities
to protect their patients and provide the best possible care.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Splunk so that NewYork-Presbyterian
is among the most secure hospital systems in the nation,” Aske said. “In
addition to delivering the highest quality care, we are committed to
keeping our patient information private and secure. NewYork-Presbyterian
is at the forefront of using advanced technology to protect our patients
and provide innovative, compassionate care.”

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About NewYork Presbyterian

NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s most comprehensive,
integrated academic healthcare delivery systems, whose organizations are
dedicated to providing the highest quality, most compassionate care and
service to patients in the New York metropolitan area, nationally, and
throughout the globe. In collaboration with two renowned medical
schools, Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University Vagelos College
of Physicians and Surgeons, NewYork-Presbyterian is consistently
recognized as a leader in medical education, groundbreaking research and
innovative, patient-centered clinical care.

NewYork-Presbyterian has four major divisions:

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is ranked #1 in the New York
    metropolitan area by U.S. News and World Report and repeatedly named
    to the Honor Roll of “America’s Best Hospitals.”
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network comprises hospitals and
    other facilities in the New York metropolitan region.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Physician Services, which connects medical
    experts with patients in their communities.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Community and Population Health, encompassing
    ambulatory care network sites and community healthcare initiatives,
    including NewYork Quality Care, the Accountable Care Organization
    jointly established by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell
    Medicine and Columbia.

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