The Sharing Economy Can Deliver More Than Just Packages and Rides – CourMed Gets Healthcare Items Direct to Consumers

CourMed Announces CONNECT and Front Door Delivery of Healthcare Items
Direct to Consumers

MCKINNEY, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumers today enjoy the convenience of receiving a text message to
track an Amazon delivery or to alert them when Uber arrives, and now
patients can also receive real-time text messages about the delivery of
their healthcare items. CourMed® is changing the healthcare game by
delivering healthcare items, such as medication, high-end vitamins,
supplements, natural medicine, such as pharmaceutical-grade CBD Oil, and
eyewear to patient homes or offices via a crowdsourced network of

This service has simplified and codified the process of handling
sensitive medical information with the help of secure enterprise
servers, encrypted software and cloud computing.

“We are in the encouraging people business,” said co-founder Derrick L.
Miles. “CourMed is more than an enterprise software and a crowdsourced
network of medical couriers; we provide encouragement to each person
that comes in contact with our platform.”

Enterprise software allows CourMed customers, including pharmacists,
optometrists, high-end vitamin/supplement store owners, to keep their
patients informed on their home or office delivery and even real-time
video consultations via CourMed® CONNECT.

CourMed offers the convenience of on-demand delivery with the intimacy
of a medical service provider-patient relationship. Customers know who
their drivers are through a series of SMS messages, and they receive
deliveries within a safe time frame from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Miles added, “What keeps our delivery engine humming is our unique
crowd-sourced driver pool. We know that many retirees and stay-at-home
parents desire some kind of part-time or flexible employment. These two
core groups comprise the bulk of our drivers, because they also offer an
intangible asset – their empathy to the patients.”

CourMed’s technology offers patients an innovative secure window to
consult with healthcare providers. Through the CourMed® CONNECT
communication portal, a patient who cannot physically come to the
pharmacy or other healthcare storefront can still get live interaction
on par with an in-person visit.

ABOUT CourMed®

CourMed® was founded May 15, 2015, by a healthcare executive, a
physician and a healthcare venture capitalist in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The
company began operations in January 2018 and officially launched
November 2018 after graduation from Silicon Valley’s well-known Y
Combinator Startup School.

CourMed offers patients convenient relief with on-demand delivery
services that provides relief from the anxiety of an ever-challenging
healthcare world. While in the comfort of their home, customers can get
concierge quality delivery of their medicines from the company’s
securely vetted network of crowdsourced drivers.

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Derrick Miles, Co-Founder

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